座椅 KFS 12

座椅 KFS 12

The crane driver`s seat KFS 12 is ergonomically designed and provides a high grade of comfort.
The driver's seat is equipped with an air-sprung vibration system.  The weight adjustment is infinitely.
Heated seats 24V, lumbar support, seat cushion adjustment, seat allocation recognition and headrest raint are included in the standard delivery.
All adjustment controls are positioned ergonomically within easy access.
The metal parts are protected against corrosion and painted black.

Technical data
Suspension stoke                                 80mm
Weight adjustment                                50 - 150kg
Horizontal adjustment                           230mm
Inclination of the backrest                     -12° / +40°
Slope adjustment                                 -10° / +12°
Height adjustment                                100mm
Seat cushion adjustment                      60mm