磁吹开关 SO / SS

磁吹开关 SO / SS

dsoThe DC contact block is used for signalling and annunciation applications. The snap-action mechanism prevents slow contact opening when the plunger is operated slowly. Quenching of the arc that occurs with DC is supported by two-capacity permanent magnets.

These are arranged so that the polarity can be ignored when connecting +/- cabling.
However, the polarity of the quenching magnets must be noted when installing the contact blocks to prevent the magnets adversely affecting each other. Contact blocks in four different colours are vailable for polarity identification of the magnets when fitted.

The contact blocks may only be installed on non-magnetisable materials with screw, etc. made of
non-ferrous metal.

The self-cleaning silver contacts are designed for low switching frequency, low currents and voltages. Gold coated contacts can be supplied (approx 0,2μ), less than 42 Volt required. The screw connection M3.5 at the side is suitable for 2 conductors max. 2,5 mm². The plug-in connection at the top 4.8 x 0.8 mm DIN 46247.

Several contact blocks can be plugged on the top of each other and operated jointly. The plug-type terminals are then only accessible on the top unit. The contact blocks can be provided with shock protection to DIN VDE 0106 Part 100.

                                      Switching capacity 
                                        NC                                NO              Time constant
250 V DC                         2A                                1A                     20 ms
125 V DC                         4A                                3A                     20 ms
50 V DC                           6A                                6A                     20 ms
30 V DC                         10A                              10A                     20 ms
250 V AC 15                    6A                                6A


Technical data
Mechanical life                                2 million operating cycles
Electrical service life                       50.000 operating cycles (at 2A 250 V DC L/R 20 ms)
Operating temperature                   -40°C to +60°C
Degree of protection                      IP40